Toshiyuki Masui

4-7-14 Zaimokuza
Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0013, Japan
phone/fax: +81-467-23-5838
mobile: +81-50-5856-7799

20+ years of experience in developing novel user interface software and hardware. Interested in developing efficient interaction techniques and innovative Web services by integrating various technologies like information retrieval, ubiquitous computing, information visualization, and predictive interface.

Work Experience

Senior Software Architect, Apple Inc., October 2006 - August 2008

Developed the Japanese text input system for iPhone/iPod Touch. Now sold worldwide.

Research Group Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), April 2003 - September 2006

Directed a research group on user interface software and hardware, especially focused on ubiquitous computing and various Web services.

Invented a versatile input device “MouseField” for ubiquitous computing. A MouseField is a simple, inexpensive but flexible input device for ubiquitous computing.

Started a new information sharing service “”, where users can list the covers of their books on the web to share information related to the books.

Senior Researcher, Sony Computer Science Labs. Inc., January 1996 - March 2003

Invented a prediction-based Japanese text input system “POBox”, and implemented it on various Sony products including mobile phones, PCs, PDAs, camcorders and printers. Other companies followed it, and POBox and related prediction-based text input systems are now used by tens of millions of mobile-phone users in Japan.

Invented and started a super-easy mailing list service “QuickML”, with which users can easily create a mailing list and control the member account only by exchanging e-mail messages.

Invented a novel zooming-based information retrieval system “LensBar”, with which huge hierarchical data can be filtered and browsed with simple operations using a small tablet.

Researcher, Sharp Corporation, April 1986 - December 1995

Developed a window system and GUI toolkit for Sharp's Unix workstations for office use, before X11 and other window systems became popular.

Developed various information retrieval systems based on approximate pattern matching and zooming.

Visiting Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University, September 1989 - August 1991

Developed a GUI toolkit based on language primitives for describing parallel and sequential behaviors of interface components.


Ph. D Computer Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan 1997
Concentration: Predictive User Interfaces
Prof. Takashi Hamada

Introduced several new prediction-based interface systems, and defined the applicable domains of the systems.

MS Computer Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan 1984
Concentration: Automatic Compiler Generator
Takashi Hamada Lab.

Developed a flexible compiler generator which can add features to itself by bootstrapping.

BS Electrical Engineering, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan 1982
Concentration: Video signal processing based on a special nonlinear digital filter.
Hiroshi Harashima Lab.


Papers (Selected)

MouseField: A Simple and Versatile Input Device for Ubiquitous Computing
Proceedings of UbiComp2004, 2004

Instant Group Communication with QuickML
Proceedings of the 2003 International ACM SIGGROUP Conference on Supporting Group Work, 2003

LensBar - Visualization for Browsing and Filtering Large Lists of Data
Proceedings of InfoVis'98, 1998

An Efficient Text Input Method for Pen-based Computers
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'98), 1998

Books (Selected)

On the Street Corner of Ubiquitous Computing
ASCII Publishing, 2005

Your Wish is My Command (joint work)
Morgan Kaufmann, 2001

The Elements of Perl Programming Style
ASCII Publishing, 1993

Languages for Developing User Interfaces (joint work)
AK Peters, Ltd., 1992

Magazine Articles (Selected)

User Interface in the Ubiquitous Computing Age
Mobile Society Review, Vol.10, 2007
On various interface topics in the coming ubiquitous computing age.

On the Street Corner of User Interface (100- articles)
Unix Magazine, ASCII Publishing, 1997-2006
On recent topics on user interface technologies.

Diary of a User Interface Hacker (40 articles)
Monthly ASCII Magazine, ASCII Publishing, 2001-2004
On various stories on new software technologies.

Professional Affiliations

Former director, Information Processing Society of Japan
Former irector, Human Interface Society of Japan
Former Project Manager, Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
Programming committee of many international conferences

Academic Experience

Visiting Professor, Future University Hakodate, 2006-
Keio University, 1998-1999
Introduction to user interface software and hardware


Docomo Mobile Science Award, 2005

Yamashita Memorial Award
Information Processing Society of Japan, 2004

Yamauchi Memorial Award
Information Processing Society of Japan, 1996

Other achievements

Open Source Software
- POBox: Predictive text input system for Palm, Windows, and WindowsCE.
- Dynamic Macro: Prediction of repeated operations on Emacs.
- PalmWiki: Supports Wiki on Palm devices.

Foreign language Skills

English: TOEIC score 950 (1995)

Computer Skills

Languages: C, Objective-C, Java, Perl, Ruby, Lisp, JavaScript, ActionScript
Platforms: Unix, Macintosh, Windows, PalmOS, iPhone
Toolkit: Windows, Cocoa