Old Topics / What's new

  • An Wiki-like hypertext support system for Palm called PalmWiki, and a simple personal information manager called QPocket are available!
  • A new book on Programming by Example “ Your Wish is My Command” (editid by Henry Lieberman) is now out from Morgan Kaufmann.
  • iMode version of "Sutoton" composition is available.
  • POBox for Emacs
  • New version of text input system POBox for PalmPilot is available!
  • Enjoy the iMode Calculator from your iMode phones!
  • "Real-world GUI" appeared on AXIS, a design magazine.
  • How about ``Literate Programming'' using HTML ?
  • A search engine is added. (See the top of this page.)
  • Try the Sutoton music at this page.
  • Appeared on Nikkei shinbun `sentan-jin' (May 24, 1999)
  • Introducing new interface topics in the article `On the Street Corner of User Interface' in UNIX Magazine (from ASCII publishing)
  • Created Resources for human interface researches
  • An efficient text input system POBox / See this page for downloading POBox for Pilot
  • 誰でも簡単に掲示板を作れる なんでも掲示板 の実験をしています。御参加下さい!
  • Use the ZIP/location search page to find a location from partial or incorrect name of the place.
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