"Body Coupled FingeRing": Wireless Wearable Keyboard
2時間で成る! キーボードの達人
A 2-D Graphics System for Multi-User Interactive Graphics Base on Objects and Constraints
A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology
A Cartesian Closed Category of Parallel Algorithms between Scott Domains
A Case Example Of Human Factors In Product Definition: Needs Finding For A Voice Output Workstation For The Blind
A Classification System for Visual Programming Languages
A Comparison of Three String Matching Algorithms
A Computational Model of Driving for Autonomous Vehicles
A Data Model for Flexible Hypertext Database System
A Decision Procedure for a Class of Set Constraints
A Declarative Approach to Visualizing Concurrent Computations
A Demonstrational Technique For Developing Interfaces With Dynamically Created Objects
A Fast String Searching Algorithm
A Fast String Searching Algorithm
A Focus+Context Technique Based on Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualizing Large Hierarchies
A Formal Specification Scheme for Network Diagrams That Facilitates Automated Design
A Formal Specification of a Visual Language Editor
A Foundation for User Interface Construction
A Foundation for the Study of Group Decision Support Systems
A General Framework for Bi-Directional Translation between Abstract and Pictorial Data
A Generalized Parser for 2-D Languages
A Gesture Based User Interface Prototype System
A Graphical Interface for Evaluating a Genetic Algorithm for Graph Layout
A Graphical Specification System for User-Interface Design
A Hierarchical Focus+Context Method for Image Browsing
A History-Based Macro By Example System
A Hybrid Structured Object And Constraint Representation Language
A Incremental Context-Dependent Analysis for Language-Based Editors
A Knowledge-Based Message Management System
A Language For Musig Printing
A Language for Higher-Order Explanation-Based Learning
A Larch Specification of the Mir\'{o} Editor
A Learning Interface Agent for Scheduling Meetings
A Modular Implementation of Partial Evaluation
A Multitasking Switchboard Approach to User Interface Management
A New Approach To Text Searching
A New Approach to Text Searching
A New Approach to Text Searching
A New Model for Handling Input
A Node-positioning Algorithm for General Trees
A Note on the PPM Data Compression Algorithm
A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Network-Diagram Layout
A Practical Animation Language for Software Development
A Predictive Calculator
A Predictive Pen-Based {Japanese} Text Input Method and Its Evaluation
A Presentation Manager Based on Application Semantics
A Procedure for Evaluating Human-Computer Interface Development Tools
A Review and Taxonomy of Distortion-Oriented Presentation Techniques
A Review on {Literate} {Programming}
A Simple Algorithm for Drawing Large Graphs on Small Screens
A Simple Equation Solver and Its Application to Financial Modelling
A Site-based outliner for Small Screen Web Access
A Small Matter of Programming
A Software Architecture for Supporting the Exchange of Electronic Manuscripts
A Specification Language for Direct-Manipulation Interfaces
A Specification of Manufacturing Processes for Planning
A State Transition Diagram Language for Visual Programming
A State-Based Visual Language for a Demonstrational Visual Shell
A Structure from Manipulation for Text-Graphic Objects
A Survey of Augmented Reality
A Survey of Hardware Architectures Designed for Speech Recognition
A Synergistic Approach to Specifying Simple Number Independent Layouts by Example
A System for Algorithm Animation
A Tailorable and Extensible Automatic Layout Facility
A Tale of Three Spelling Checkers
A Technique for Isolating Differences Between Files
A Test Suite for Programming by Demonstration
A Tour of the SUITE User Interface Software
A Tree-Based Statistical Language Model for Natural Language Speech Recognition
A Two-View Approach to Constructing User Interface
A Unifying Framework for Trie Design Heuristics
A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression
A User Interface Management System
A User Interface Toolkit Based on Graphical Objects and Constraints
A User's Guide to GENESIS 1.1ucsd
A User-Centered Approach to Adaptive Interfaces
A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing
A Very Fast Substring Search Algorithm
A Virtual Oval Ieyboard and a Vector Input Method for Pen-based Character Input
A Visual Language for Keyboardless Programming
A Word-Parallel, Bit-Serial Signature Processor FOr Superimposed Coding
A communication-based framework for group interfaces in computer-supported collaboration
A comparison of applications sharing mechanisms in real-time desktop conferencing systems
A conceptual framework for the augmentation of man's intellect
A cooperative work environment for evolutionary software development
A coordination environment: A new way of working together
A design tool for autonomous group agents
A formal method for specifying temporal properties of the multi-user interface
A framework for defining Logics
A framework for studying research collaborations
A framework for understanding the workspace activity of design teams
A general framework for visualizing abstract objects and relations
A genetic approach to standard cell placement using meta-genetic parameter optimization
A graphical animation authoring system for in-class demonstration of circuit operation
A group decision support system for idea generation and issue analysis in organizational planning
A groupware toolbox
A language/action perspective on the design of cooperative work
A layered approach to software design
A multi-media message system for Andrew
A multi-user document review tool
A new role for training problems in EBL
A paper interface for giving presentations
A partitioned signature file structure for multiattribute and text retrieval
A performing medium for working group graphics
A proposed model and functionality definition for a collaborative editing and conferencing facility
A prototype futuristic technology for distance education (working draft)
A real-time electronic conferencing system based on distributed Unix
A research center for augmenting human intellect
A signature file scheme based on multiple organizations for indexing very large text databases
A system for algorithm animation
A systematic approach to compressing a full text retrieval system
A tale of two cities: Reflections on CSCW in Europe and the United States
A tangible interface for IP network simulation
A tangible interface for organizing information using a grid
A two level superimposed coding scheme for partial match retrieval
A use of drawing surfaces in different collaborative settings
A user defined environment for handling conversations
A user-centered approach to adaptive interfaces
A visual calendar for scheduling group meetings
ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop on Software Tools for User Interface Management System
AI techniques for supporting human to human communication in CHAOS
ANATAGONOMY: A Personalized Newspaper on the World Wide Web
ARC Consistency for factorable Relations
ARCADE: A Platform for Heterogeneous Distributed Operating Systems
About Face -- The Essentials of User Interface Design
Absolute Mouse: 絶対座標マウスとその応用
Accelerating text searching through signature trees
Accent: A Communication Oriented Operating System Kernel
Access method for text
Achieving sustainable complexity through information technology: Theory and practice
Acme: A User Interface for Programmers
Action graphics : An interactive spreadsheet-based animation system for simulation and training
Adapt: Global image processing with the Split and Merge model
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems
Adaptive Action Prompting -- A Complementary Aid to Support Task-Oriented Interaction in Explorative User Interfaces
Adaptive Direct Manipulation
Adaptive Human-Computer Interfaces: A Literature Survey and Perspective
Adaptive Personalized Interfaces - A Question of Viability
Adaptive Recognition of Human-Organized Implicit Structures
Adaptive User Interface -- Principles and Practice
Adaptive User Interfaces
Adaptive predictive text generation and the reactive keyboard
Adding Rule Based Reasoning to a Demonstrational Interface
Adding Rule-Based Reasoning to a Demonstrational Interface Builder
Adding audio and video to an office environment
Additional Controls For Use With American National Standard Code For Information Interchange
Adobe Photoshop Album
Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques
Advanced Files to Attributed Software Objects
Agentsheets: A Tool for Building Domain-oriented Dynamic, Visual Environment
Agentsheets: Applying Grid-Based Spatial Reasoning to Human-Computer Interaction
Agrep - A Fast Approximate Pattern-Matching Tool
Alan Sussman
Algorithm for Trie Compaction
Algorithms for String Searching: A Survey
Algorithms for drawing graphs : an annotated bibliography
Amoeba: A Distributed Operating System for the 1990s
An Active-Value-Spreadsheet Model for Interactive Languages
An Adaptive Environment for the User Interface of {Excel}
An Agenda for Research in Large-Scale Distributed Data Reponsitories
An Analysis of Space Shuttle Countdown Activities: Preliminaries to a Computational Model of the NASA Test Director
An Approach to Support Automatic Generation of User Interface
An Architecture for Configurable User Interfaces
An Architecture for Expert Systems User Interface Design and Management
An Educational Animation System Based on Class Inheritance
An Efficient Digital Search Algorithm by Using a Double-Array Structure
An Efficient Implementation of String Pattern Matching Machines for a Finite Number of Keywords
An Efficient Text Input Method for Pen-based Computers
An Evaluation of Animated Demonstrations for Learning Computer-Based Tasks
An Evaluation of Retrieval Effectiveness for a Full-Text Document-Retrieval System
An Evaluation of {WebTwig} - A Site Outlinner for Handheld Web Acces
An Event Language for Building User Interface Frameworks
An Example-Based Environment for Beginning Programmers
An Execution Model for Demonstration-Based Visual Languages
An Experimental Evaluation of Three Touch Screen Strategies Within a Hypertext Database
An Experimental Multimedia Mail System
An Extensible Director-Oriented System For The Animation of Realistic Images
An I/O System for March 3.0
An Iconic Programming System, HI-VISUAL
An Indexed Bibliography on Computer Animation
An Interactive Constraint-Based System for Drawing Graphs
An Introduction to Speech and Speaker Recognition
An Object Base for Attributed Software Objects
An Object-Oriented Architecture for a Computer Animation System
An Object-Oriented User INterface Management System
An Overview of the FRUMP System
An Overview of the X Toolkit
An adaptable user interface for tolerating naive users' error behavior: a prototype design and an empirical study
An algorithm for drawing general undirected graphs
An annotated bibliography of computer supported cooperative work
An architecture for parallel search of large, full-text databases
An eclectic look at CSCW '88
An environment for collaboration
An ethnographic study of distributed problem solving in spreadsheet development
An evaluation tool for measuring authoring system performance
An example of stepwise refinement of distributed programs: Quiescence detection
An experiment in distributed group problem solving
An experiment in integrating multimedia conferencing
An experimental study of common ground in text-based communication
An interactive UNIX spelling corrector
An interpersonal multimedia visualization system
An investigation of the Coordinator as an example of computer supported cooperative work
An object-oriented approach to graphical interfaces
An open-systems model for computer-supported collaboration
Analysis and Planning of Planar Manipulation Tasks
Analysis of a Heuristic for Full Trie Minimization
Anatomy of a Histogram
Animated Graphical Interfaces Using Temporal Constraints
Animated Types and Actor Types in Computer Simulation and Animation
Animating interfaces
Animation Design with Cinema
Animation Using Temporal Constraints: An Overview of the Animus System
Another Look at Automatic Text-Retrieval Systems
Another Spelling Correction Program
Anser -- An Application of Speech Technology to the {Japanese} Banking Industry
Application of Splay Trees to Data Compression
Applications of information networks
Applying Electric Field Sensing to Human-Computer Interfaces
Apprentice's Pen
Approaches to Adaptivity in User Interface Technology
Approaches to adaptivity in user interface technology: survey and taxonomy
Approximate String Matching
Architecture for supporting goal-based cooperative work
Aria: An Agent For Annotating And Retrieving Images
Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression
Artificial Life -- The Quest For a New Creation
Artificial Life II
As we may think
Aspects of cooperation in a distributed problem solving environment
Assumptions underlying systems that support work group collaboration.
Attribute Grammars in Constraint-based Graphics Systems
Augment-able Reality: Situated Communication through Physical and Digital Spaces
Augmented Version of Make
Augmented surfaces: a spatially continuous work space for hybrid computing environments
Augmenting Real-World Objects: A Paper-Based Audio Notebook
Augmenting Reality: Adding Computational Dimensions to Paper
Augmenting a Window System with Speech Input
Author's Response
Authoring large hypermedia documents with IGD
Authoring system review
Authoring systems-are they used?
Authorship provisions in Augment
Automatic Construction of User-Interface Displays
Automatic Date Mapping for Distributed-memory parallel Computers
Automatic Graph Drawing and Readability of Diagrams
Automatic Mapping of Large Signal Processing Systems to a Parallel Machine
Automatic Seed-dependent Zooming for Browsing Large Documents
Automatic Speech Recognition -- A Solution in Search of a Problem?
Automatic Text Processing
Automatic generation of {Make} dependencies
Automatic information processes in document reading. A study of information handling in two intensive care units
Automatically Generating Abstractions for Problem Solving
Automating the Design of Graphical Presentation of Relational Information
Autonomous Mobile Robots
Autonomous Mobile Robots
Baby Faces: User-Interface Design for Small Displays
Behavioral Simulation Based on Knowledge Objects
Beyond Calculation -- The Next Fifty Years of Computing
Beyond the Keyword Barrier: Knowledge-Based Information Retrieval
Beyond the chalkboard: Computer support for collaboration and problem solving in meetings
Block placement by improved simulated annealing based on genetic algorithm
Book Preview -- Sparks of Innovation in Human-Computer Interaction
Bounded Quantification is Undecidable
Bridging physical and virtual worlds with electronic tags
Bridging the Paper and Electronic Worlds: The Paper User Interface
Bringing Design to Software
Bringing Icons to Life
Bringing Natural Language Information Retrieval Out Of The Closet
Bringing People and Places Together with Dual Augmentation
Building conversations using mailtrays
Bully for Brontosaurus
CHAOS as a coordination technology
CMU Common Lisp User's Manual
CNLS - Computer Network Lecturing System
COMET: Generating Coordinated Multimedia Explanations
CONSAT: A System For Constraint Satisfaction
CSCW '86
CSCW '88 report
CSCW '88: Report on the conference and review of the proceedings.
CSCW: Four characters in search of a context
Cake: a Fifth Generation Version of make
Call For Participation -- SIGCHI'91 WORKSHOP on Computer Languages for Programming User Interface Software
Callisto: An intelligent project management system
Can networks make an organization?
Canesta Keyboard
Cat-a-Cone: an interactive interface for specifying searches and viewing retrieval results using a large category hierarchy
Categorization for Network Fault Diagnosis
Checking for Spelling and Typographical Errors in Computer-Based Text
Children and Information Visualization Technologies
Children's collaborative use of a computer microworld
Chimera: Example-Based Graphical Editing
Chisel: A System for Creating Highly Interactive Screen Layouts
Cirrin: A word-level unistroke keyboard for pen input
Clue: A Common Lisp User Interface Environment
CoAUTHOR: A hypermedia group authoring environment
Cocoa Programming
CodeWarrior for PalmPilot
Coding for compression in full-text retrieval systems
Cognitive science and organizational design: A case study of computer conferencing
Cognoter: Theory and practice of a Colab-orative tool
Collaboration awareness in support of collaboration transparency: Requirements for the next generation of shared window systems
Collaboration in KMS, a shared hypermedia system
Collaboration research in SCL
Collaboration system for manufacturing system in the 21st century
Collaboration system for manufacturing system in the 21st century
Collaboration technology research at Olivetti Research Centre
Collaboration transparency in desktop teleconferencing environments
Collaborative development of software
Collaborative document production using Quilt
Collaborative learning in a virtual classroom: Highlights of findings
Collaborative technology and group process feedback: Their impact on interactive sequences in meetings
Color and Sound in Algorithm Animation
Combining Gestures and Direct Manipulation
Commune: A shared drawing surface
Communicating Sequential Process
Communication and collaboration: Facilitating cooperative work through communciation
Communication and management support in system development environments
Communication and performance in ad hoc task groups
Compact disc-interactive: a designer's overview
Comparing the Programming Demands of Single-User and Multi-User Applications
Compilers -- Principles, Techniques, and Tools
Compiling Data-Parallel Programs For Efficient Execution on Shared_memory Multiprocessors
Complexity of Trie Index Construction
Composing User Interfaces with {InterViews}
Compressed Tries
Compressed Tries
Compressing Tries for Storing Dictionaries
Compression of Indexes with Full Positional Information in Very Large Text Databases
Compression of Individual Sequences via Variabe-Rate Coding
Compression of correlated Bit-Vectors
Compresson Concordances Subject to Clustering
Computational Comonads and Intensional Semantics
Computer Analysis of Sprouts
Computer Animation Dictionary
Computer Animation with Scripts and Actors
Computer Facial Animation
Computer Programs for Detecting and Correcting Spelling Errors
Computer Programs for Spelling Correction
Computer Support for Biomedical Work Groups
Computer animation primer
Computer communication system design affects group decision making
Computer conferencing: Brainstorming across time and space
Computer integration: A co-requirement for effective inter-organization computer network implementation.
Computer support for cooperative design (invited paper)
Computer support for cooperative work: An appraisal and critique
Computer support for real time collaborative work
Computer supported cooperative work and groupware
Computer supported cooperative work: Trip report
Computer teleconferencing: Experience at Hewlett Packard
Computer-Augmented Environments: Back To The Real World
Computer-Generated Animation
Computer-based real-time conferencing systems
Computer-based systems for group decision support: Status of use and problems in development
Computer-mediated communication for intellectual teamwork: A field experiment in group writing
Computer-mediated communication, deindividuation and group decision making
Computer-supported cooperative work: A book of readings
Computer-supported cooperative work: Examples and issues in one federal agency
Computerized medical records, production pressure and compartmentalization in the work activity of health center physicians
Computing and organizations: What we know and what we don't know
Computing-as-Editing(CAEP)に基づいた 数式処理システムのユーザ・インタフェース
Concept and realization of adaptive interface based on user's skill and uncomfortableness
Concurrent editing: The group's interface
Conference Toolkit: A framework for real-time conferencing
Conferencing selection and implementation: University of Arizona case history
Conflict management and group decision support
Connectionist Neuropsychology: The Breakdown and Recovery of Behavior in Lesioned Attractor Networks
Constraint Grammars - A New Model For Specifying Graphical Application
Constraint Logic Programming
Constraint Technology for User-Interface Construction in ThingLab II
Constraint-based tools for building user interfaces
Constraints on communication and electronic messaging
Consul: a parallel constraint language
Consul: a parallel constraint language
Content Awareness in a File System Interface: Implementing the 'Pile' Metaphor for Organizing Information
Content-Addressable and Associative Memory
Context and Orientation in Hypermedia Networks
Context and application in software selection
Context and orientation in hypermedia networks
Contexts -- A partitioning concept for hypertext
Contextualism as a world view for the reformation of meetings
Continuations: Unifying thread Management and Communication in Operating Systems
Continuous Functions and Parallel Algorithms on Concrete Data Structures
Control-Flow Analysis of Higher-Order Languages or Taming Lambda
Conversational Telecommunications environments
Cooperative Buildings - Integrating Information, Organization and Architecture. First International Workshop on Cooperative Buildings (CoBuild'98)
Cooperative prototyping experiments: Users and designers envision a dental case record system
Cooperative prototyping: Users and designers in mutual activity
Cooperative support for computer work: A social perspective on the empowering of end users.
Cooperative work in the Andrew message system
Cooperatives in the USSR.
Coordinating Text and Graphics in Explanation Generation
Coordinating activity: An analysis of interaction in computer supported cooperative work
Coordinating concurrent development
Coordination of intelligent office agents - applied to meeting scheduling
Copilot Home Page
Coroutine Behaviour and Implementation
Correspondence on {Literate} {Programming}
Cosmic Life-Force
Cost-sensitive robot learning
Counter Intelligence
Coupling A {UI} Framework with Automatic Generation of Context-Sensitive Animated Help
Creating Charts by Demonstration
Creating Dynamic World Wide Web Pages by Demonstration
Creating Effective User Interfaces
Creating Graphical Interactive Application Objects by Demonstration
Creating Highly-Interactive and Graphical User Interface
Creating Interaction Techniques by Demonstration
Creating Interactive Techniques by Symbolically Solving Geometric Constraints
Creating User Interface by Demonstration
Creating User Interfaces Using Programming by Example, Visual Programming, and Constraints
Creating and Manipulating Constrained Models
Creating creativity: user interfaces for supporting innovation
Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
Cruiser: A multi-media system for social browsing
Customizable Physical Interfaces for Interacting with Conventional Applications
C言語入門 (The C Primer)
DIAL: a diagrammatic animation language
DON: User Interface Presentation Design Assistant
D\'{e}j\`{a} Vu: A User Study Using Images for Authentication
DaggerWare's HackMaster
Data Compression
Data Compression with Finite Windows
Data Persistence in Programming Languages A Survey
Data Visualization Sliders
Data compression in full text retrieval systems
Data sharing in group work
DataTiles: a modular platform for mixed physical and graphical interactions
Declarative Programming of Graphical Interfaces by Visual Examples
Deep Structure for Virtual Reality
Delegation Is Inheritance
Demonstrational Interfaces: A Step Beyond Direct Manipulation
Description and performance analysis of signature file methods for office filing
Design and Implementation of Parallel Make
Design and assesment of a group decision support system
Design and implementation of a PC/LAN-based multi-user text editor
Design and use of a group editor
Design considerations for a message file server
Design for conversation: Lessons from Cognoter
Design of TeamWorkStation: A realtime shared workspace fusing desktops and computer screen
Design of a multi-media vehicle for social browsing
Design, implementation and evaluation of an adaptive user interface
Designing a positioning system for finding things and people indoors
Designing for a dollar a day
Designing the User Interface
Desktop Computer Animation: A Guide to Low-Cost Computer Animation
Determinancy of the Hierarchical Dataflow Model -- a Computation Model for Visual Programming
Determinants and patterns of control over technology in a computerized meeting room
Developing Adaptive Systems to Fit Individual Aptitudes
Developing Human-Computer Interface Models and Representation Techniques
Developing Interactive Information Systems with the User Software Engineering Methodology
Developing Software for the User Interface (邦訳: ユーザインタフェースのソフトウェア開発 トッパン)
Developing User Interfaces
Developing writing tools for UNIX workstations
Development and evaluation of an in-house multimedia desktop conference systems
Dialing for Documents: An Experiment in Information Theory
Dialog-Based Learning ({DBL}) for Adaptive Interface Agents and Programming-by-Demonstration Systems
Diamond: A Multimedia Message System Built on a Distributed Architecture
Diamond: A Multimedia Message System Built on a Distributed Architecture
Differntial Manipulation
Digital Libraries and Autonomous Citation Indexing
Digital Search Trees Revised
Direct Manipulation: A Step Beyound Programming Languages
Disappearing Cryptography: Information Hiding: Steganography & Watermarking
Disconnected Operation in the Coda File System
Disembodied conduct: Communication through video in a multi-media envrionment
Distributed Programing in Argus
Distributed multiparty desktop conferencing system: Mermaid
Distribution of Mathematical Software Via Electronic Mail
DocSpace: 文献空間のインタラクティブ視覚化
Document Clustering in Concept Space: The NIST Information Retrieval Visualization Engine (NIRVE).
Drawing Dynamic Trees
Drawing With Constraints
Drawing With Constraints
Drawing and Animation Using Skeletal Strokes
Drawing graphs in the plane with high resolution
Druid: A System for Demonstrational Rapid User Interface Development
Dyad: A System for Using Physically Secure Coprocessors
Dynamic Markov Modelling -- A Prediction Technique
Dynamic Queries for Visual Information Seeking
Dynamo: A public interactive surface supporting the cooperative sharing and exchange of media H. Brignull T. Rodden Y. Rogers M. Underwood
ESP: A new standard cell placement package using simulated evolution
ET++ - An Object-Oriented Application Framework in C++
ET-SOAR: Toward an its for Theory-based Representations
Eager: Programming Repetitive Tasks By Example
Earcons and Icons: Their Structure and Common Design Principles
EdgeWrite: A Stylus-Based Text Entry Method Designed for High Accuracy and Stability of Motion
Editable Graphical Histries: The Video
Editing as a paradigm for user interaction
Editing by Example
Editing by Example
Effective View Navigation
Efficient Exploration In Reinforcement Learning
Efficient Parsing of Multidimensional Structures
Efficient String Matching: An Aid To Bibliographic Search
Elaborating communication channels in conferencer
Elastic Graphical Interfaces for Precise Data Manipulation
Elastic Graphical Interfaces for Precise Data Manipulation
Electronic markets and electronic hierarchies
Electronic meeting support: The GroupSystems concept
Electronic organization and expert networks: Beyond electronic mail and computer conferencing
Eliminating Combinatorics from Production Match
Emacs解剖学 -- 入力の補完
Encountering electronic work groups: A transaction costs perspective
Enhanced Dynamic Queries via Movable Filters
Ensemble: A Graphical User Interface Development System for the Design and Use of Interactive Toolkits
Environment-Mediated Mobile Computing
Envisioning Information
Estimating fractal Dimension from Range Images of Natural Terrain
EuroPARC's Integrated Interactive Intermedia Facility (IIIF): Early experiences
Evaluating Three Museum Installations of a Hypertext System
Evaluation of the quality of authoring systems
Evolution of an organization interface: The new business department at a large insurance firm
Evolutionary Learning of Graph Layout Constraints from Examples
Evolutionary Phenomena in Simple Dynamics
Evolving a Computer Program to Generate Random Numbers Using The Genetic Programming Paradigm
Evolving electronic communication networks: An empirical assessment
Exact and Approximate Membership Testers
Experiences in an exploratory distributed organization
Experiences in building a configurable CSCW system
Experiences in designing the Hohenheim CATeam Room
Experiences in the development of a multi-user drawing tool
Experiences in the use of a media space
Experiences of '{Literate} {Programming}' using cweb (a variant of {Knuth's} {WEB})
Experimental uses of video to support design activities
Experiments with Genetic Algorithms for Displaying Graphs
Exploiting Correlations Among Models with Application to Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition
Exploring Brick-Based Navigation and Composition in an Augmented Reality
Exploring Large Hyperdocuments: Fisheye Views of Nested Networks
Expressive richness: A comparison of speech and text as media for revision
Extended Parallelism in the Gr\"{o}bner Basic Algorithm
Extending End-User Programming in a Visual Shell With Programming by Demonstration and Graphical Language Techniques
Extending State Transition Diagrams for the Specification of Human-Computer Interaction
Extending a Graphical Toolkit for Two-Handed Interaction
Extending the Notion of a Window System to Audio
FSN: File System Navigator
Factory Simulation with Animation: The No Programming Approach
Farallon: Building the ultimate network.
Fast Parallel and Serial Approximate String Matching
Fast Pattern Matching in Strings
Fast Searching on Compressed Text Allowing Errors
Fast String Searchng
Fast Text Searching With Errors
Fast string matching algorithms for run length coded strings
Fast string matching with k differences
Fast string matching with mismatches
Feasibility study of a national high speed communications networks for research and development: Future applications
Field Study Of A Voice Mail System: Design And Design-Process Implications
Finding Approximate Patterns in Strings
Finding Closed-form solutions of Difference equations by Symbolic Methods
Finding and Reminding -- File Organization from the Desktop
Formal Hardware Verification Methods: A Survey
Formal models of protocols for computer supported meetings
Formalizing Design Spaces: Implicit Invocation Mechanisms
Foundations of Genetic Algorithms
Four generic communication tasks which must be supported in electronic conferencing
Fractal Approaches for Visualizing Huge Hierarchies
Fractal Everywhere
Fractals For The Classroom (Part One)
Fractals For The Classroom (Part Two)
From Animals to Animats -- Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior
From Research to Real World with {Z-GUI}
From user interface design to the support of intelligent and adaptive interfaces: an overhaul of user interface software infrastructure
GRAFLOG: programming with interactive graphics and PROLOG
GUMS: A General User Modeling System
Galaxy of News: An Approach to Visualizing and Understanding Expansive News Landscapees
Games of Life
Gandalf System III: The Action Routine Language(ARL) Manual
Generalization as Search
Generalized Fisheye Views
Generating Multimedia Presentations Automatically using TYRO, the Constraint, Case-Based Designer's Apprentice
Generating T-ary Trees Lexicographically
Generating User Interfaces: Principles and Use of its Style Rules
Generative Communication in Linda
Generatong Semantic Descriptions from Drawings of Scenes with Shadows
Genetic Algorithm in Search, Optimization and Machine Learning
Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs
Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing
Genetic Evolution and Co-Evolution of Computer Programs
Genetic Placement
Genetic Programming
Genetic algorithms for drawing directed graphs
Glyphs: Flyweight Objects for User Interfaces
Graph Drawing by Force-directed Placement
Graphic Design for Electronic Documents and Uset Interface
Graphic Object Layout with Interactive Genetic Algorithms
Graphical Editing by Example
Graphical Fisheye Views
Graphical Fisheye Views
Graphical Representation of Logic Programs and Their Behavior
Graphical Search and Replace
Graphical Specification of Flexible User Interface Displays
Graphical Styles for Building User Interfaces by Demonstration
Graphics Programming and Animation
Group Decision Support Systems
Group coordination in participant systems
Group processes in face-to-face and computer-mediated communication
Group work in software projects
Group working in the DHSS Large Demonstrator Project
GroupKit: A Groupware Toolkit for Building Real-Time Conferencing Applications
GroupSketch: A multi-user sketchpad for geographically-distributed small groups
Groupware: Computer Support for Business Teams
Groupware: Future Direction and Wild Cards
Groupware: Interface design for meetings
Groupware: Some issues and experiences
Guest Editors' Introduction: Information Visualization
Guided tours and tabletops: Tools for communicating in a hypertext environment
Guidelines for Designing User Interface Software
H3: Laying Out Large Directed Graphs in 3D Hyperbolic Space
HAP: A Reactive, Adaptive Architecture for Agents
HCIL Open House Workshop: Personal Photo Libraries - Innovative Designs
HYTREM-a hybrid text-retrieval machine for large databases
Hacker Dude-san's PILOT Page
Half-QWERTY: Typing with one hand using your two-handed skills
Halo: a Technique for Visualizing Off-Screen Locations
Hand held tools for navigating information
Handbook of Genetic Algorithms
Hands-on Interaction With Virtual Environments
Harry and the Haunted House
Hashing and Trie Algorithm for Partial match Retrieval
Help by Guided Tasks; Utilizing UIMS Knowledge
Heuristics for Trie Index Minimization
HishiMochi: 非線型ズーミングを用いた動的検索システム
History, State and Future of User Interface Management Systems
How Do People Manage Their Digital Photographs?
How To Write Parallel Programs
How do experienced Information Lens users use rules?
How do experienced Information Lens users use rules?
How people write together
How to Write Parallel Programs: A Guide to the Perplexed
How to draw a directed graph
Human Factors Challenges in Creating a Principal Support Office SYstem -- The Speech Filing System Approach
Human Factors and Synthetic Speech
Human Factors and Typography for More Readable Programs
Human Factors and Typography for More Readable Programs
Human communication needs and organizational productivity: The potential impact of office automation
Human factors challenges in creating a principal support office system - The speech filing system approach
Human-Computer Interaction
Human-Computer Interaction Research Agendas
Human-Computer Interface Design : Success Stories, Emerging Methods, and Real-World Context
Hut Windows: An Improved Architecture for a User Interface Management System
HyTime: 文書の拡張としてのハイパーメディア記述言語
Hyperspeech: Navigating in speech-only hypermedia
Hypertext and collaborative work: The example of Intermedia
Hypertext and the {Oxford} {English} {Dictionary}
Hypertext authoring system
Hypertext for computer conferencing
Hypertext: An Introduction and Survey
Hypertext: An introduction and survey
IBC and cooperative working in the automotive industry
ICICLE: groupware for code inspection
IEEE International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operationg Systems
IconSticker: 実世界に取り出した紙アイコン
Idea management in a shared drawing tool
Ideas for Intelligent User Interface Design
Illuminating Light: An Optical Design Tool with a Luminous-Tangible Interface
Illusion in the Interface
Implementing Distributed Linda in Standard ML
Implementing a Zooming User Interface:
Improving Communication In Programming-by-Demonstration
Improving Usability by Sharing Knowledge
In Search Of Text
In search of cooperation: An historical analysis of work organization and management strategies
InVision: Augmenting communication in a large organization by modelling Its Members
Inclusion of a 'sharing' feature in telecommunication services
Incorporating Problem Specific Knowledge into Genetic Algorithm
Incremental Attribute Evaluation: A Flexible Algorithm for Lazy Update
Incremental Constraint Satisfaction And Its Application To Graphical Interfaces
Incremental Recognition in Gesture-Based and Syntax-Directe Diagram Editors
Index Structuring in Inverted Data Bases by Tries
Inductive Inference: Theory and Methods
Inferring Graphical Constraints with {Rockit}
Inferring Graphical Procedures: The Compleat Metamouse
Influence of exception handling on the support of cooperative office work
InfoStick: An Interaction Device for Inter-Appliance Computing
Information Compression and Varshamov-Gilbert Bound
Information Display: Control of Visual Representations
Information Retrieval From Hypertext
Information Retrieval by Text Skimming
Information Strage and Retrieval
Information Visualisation and Virtual Environments
Information Visualization Bibliography
Information Visualization: Perception for Design
Information domains in CSCW
Information retrieval systems for the future
Information technology and work groups: The case of new product teams
InformationCube: 半透明表示を用いた3次元情報視覚化技法.
Informative Things: How to Attach Information to the Real World
Input/Output Linkage in a User Interface Management System
InsightLab: An Immersive Team Environment Linking Paper, Displays, and Data
Instant Group Communication with QuickML
Instant Text version III
Instructible Agents
Instructible Systems
Integrated Manipulation: Context-aware Manipulation of 2D Diagrams
Integrated Natural Language Generation Systems
Integrating Constraints and Direct Manipulation
Integrating Gesture Recognition and Direct Manipulation
Integrating Gesture and Snapping into a User Interface Toolkit
Integrating Knowledge Acquisition and Language Acquisition
Integrating Pen Operations for Composition by Example
Integration of the electronic blackboard and the electronic overhead projector
Intelligent Interfaces as Agents
Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Foreign Language Learning - The Bridge to International Communication
Intelligent User Interface
Intelligent information-sharing systems
Intelligent software agents
Inter-organisational information systems as a tool for computer-supported co-operative work.
InterNote: Extending a Hypermedia Framework to Support Annotative Collaboration
Interacting with Paper on the {DigitalDesk}
Interacting with electronic mail can be a dream or a nightmare: a user's point of view
Interaction IS The Key to Machine Learning Applications
Interaction with Machines by Voice: A Telecommunications Perspective
Interactive 3D Visualization for Document Retrieval
Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL
Interactive Constraint-based Search and Replace
Interactive DESK: a computer-augmented desk which responds to operations on real objects
Interactive Generation of Graphical User Interfaces by Multiple Visual Examples
Interactive Generation of Graphical User Interfaces by Multiple Visual Examples
Interactive Graph Layout
Interactive Graphic Design Using Automatic Presentation Knowledge
Interactive Sketch Interpretation Using Arc-labeling and Geometric Constraint Satisfaction
Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design
Interactive human communication
InterctiveTextbook and InteractiveVennDiagram: Natural and Intuitive Interface on Augmented Desk System
Interfaces that Lean : A Learning Apprentice for Calender Management
Intermedia: Issues, strategies and tactics in the design of a hypermedia document system
Intermedia: The Architecture and Construction of an Object-Oriented Hypermedia System and Applications Framework
Intermedia: The Concept and the Construction of a Seamless Information Environment
Internet scrapbook: automating Web browsing tasks by demonstration
Introducing Efficient Parallelism into Approximate String Matching and a New Serial Algorithm
Introduction to modern information retrieval
Investigations into History Tools for User Support
Is Huffman Coding Dead?
Ispell manual page
Issues in the design of computer support for co-authoring and commenting
JPSG Parser on Constraint Logic Programming
Julie: The Application of {DSP} to a Consumer Product
Juno, a Constraint-Based Graphics System
Just-in-Time Programming
Keyword Dictionary Compression Using Efficient Trie Implementation
Klaus Peter Gross
Knowledge and Natural Language Processing
Knowledge-based office automation and CSCW
Knowledge-domain interoperability and an open hyperdocument system
Languages for Developing User Interfaces
Learning Interface Agents
Learning Recursive Distributed Representations for Holistic Computation
Learning from user experience with groupware
Learning text editing tasks from examples: a procedural approach
Learning with Limited Numerical Precision using the Cascade-correlation Algorithm
Let's stop pushing the envelope and start addressing it: a reference task agenda for HCI
Life with UNIX: A Guide For Everyone
LifeLines: Visualizing Personal Histories
Lifestreams: Organizing your Electronic Life
Linda in Context
Listing, drawing, and gesturing in design: A study of the use of shared workspaces by design teams
Literate {Programming}
Liveware: A new approach to sharing data in social networks
Living Laboratories: The Future Computing Environments Group at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Local and global structuring of computer medicated communication: Developing linguistic perspectives on CSCW in Cosmos
Log-Based Directory Resolution in the Coda File System
Longest Match String Searching For Ziv-Lempel Compression
Look-ahead Techniques for Micro-opportunistic Job Shop scheduling
LyberWorld - A Visualiation User Interface Supporting Fulltext Retrieval
MAFIA - An active mail-filter-agent for an intelligent document processing support.
MC68328 DragonBall Microprocessor
MIRA-shading: a structured language for the synthesis and the animation of realistic images
MMConf: An infrastructure for building shared applications
MMConf: The Diamond Multimedia Conferencing System
Mach: A New Kernel Foundation for UNIX Development
Make - A Program for Maintaining Computer Programs
Make user's guide
Making contact in a multi-media environment
Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images
Managing a trois: A study of a multi-user drawing tool in distributed design work
Managing multimedia (authoring systems)
Manipulating Surfaces Differentially
Manipulating Surfaces Differentially
Mark W.Perlin
Marquise: Creating Complete User Interfaces by Demonstration
Meaning from Structure in Natural Language Processing
Meaning from Structure in Natural Language Processing
Measuring the True Cost of Command Selection: Techniques and Results
Mechanisms of cognitive change in peer interaction: Implications for the design of computer supported cooperative learning environments
Mediating Awareness and Communication through Digital but Physical Surrogates
Memorium: 眺めるインタフェースの提案とその試作.
Message Routing on Irregular 2D-Meshes and Tori
Metamouse: An Instructible Agent for Programming by Demonstration
Metamouse: Specifying Graphical Procedures by Example
Michele: マルチエージェントモデルに基づく 協調作業の新しい枠組
Miranim : An Extensible Director-Oriented System for the Animation of Realistic lmages
Mixed Programming Metaphors in a Shared Dataspace Model of Concurrency
Mk: a successor to make
Mm4 - Make with M4 for Maintaining Makefiles
Modeling for Text Compression
Modelling and Validating the Man-Machine Interface
Modelling groupware in the electronic office
Models and Techniques in Computer Animation (CGS Computer Animation Ser.)
Models for Undergraduate Project Courses in Software Engineering
Models for Undergraduate Project Courses in Software Engineering
Models in Paleobiology
Modern Information Retrieval
Mondrian: A Teachable Graphical Editor
More than just a communication system: Diversity in the use of electronic mail.
Motion Dithering for Increasing Perceived Image Quality for Low-Resolution Displays
Multi-Agent Interface Architecture for Human-Robot Cooperation
Multi-Thread Input
Multi-iconic Multi-interpretation comptation: a medical case
Multi-media communication: The US WEST advanced technologies prototype system
Multi-user interfaces for extended group collaboration
Multiagent Planning in Prodigy
Multiagent Planning in prodigy
Multidimensional Tries Used For Associative Searching
Multidimensional audio window management
Multikey access methods based on superimposed coding techniques
Multimedia Document Presentation, Information Extraction and Document Formation in MINOS: A Model and a System
Multimodal user input to supervisory control systems: voice-augmented keyboard
Multiple-View Approach for Smooth Information Retrieval
Music Composition by Onomatopoeia
Mutual Exclusion for Uniprocessors
Mutual knowledge and communicative effectiveness
MyLifeBits: Fulfilling the Memex Vision
NESL: A Nested Data-Parallel Language
NV3D Relationship Visualizer
Narratives at work: Story telling as cooperative diagnostic activity
Natural Language Comprehension in Soar: Spring 1991
Navigating Hierarchically Clustered Networks Through Fisheye and Full-zoom Methods
Navigational blocks: Navigating information space with tangible media.
Neptune: A HyperText System for {CAD} Applications
Network-based systems for asynchronous group communication
Neural Network Perception for Mobile Robot
New Approaches to Automating Network-Diagram Layout
New Graphical Reasoning Models for Understanding Graphical Interfaces
New Trends in Animation and Visualization
Newsqueak: a language for communicating with mice
Nice drawings of graphs are computationally hard
Nonlinear Oscillations, Dynamical Systems, and Bifurcations of Vector Fields
Object Lens: A 'spreadsheet' for cooperative work
Object Lens: A ``Spreadsheet'' for Cooperative Work
Object sharing in a multi-user hypertext system
Observations of executives using a computer supported meeting environment
Observations on Using Speech Input for Window Navigation
Observations on the use of shared drawing spaces
Office information systems and computer science
On Approximate String Matching
On The Average Height of Trees in Digital Search and Dynamic Hashing
On The Performance Evaluation of Extendible Hashing and Trie Searching
On Visual Formalism
On the Application of Syntactic Methodologies in Automatic Text Analysis
On the Expected Sublinearity of the Boyer-Moore Algorithm
On the Undecidability of Partial Polymorphic Type Reconstruction
On the automatic generation of content links in hypertext
On the complexity of optimal drawings of graphs
Open Sesame!
Opportunities for Information Visualization
Optimal Parallel Pattern Matching in Strings
Optimization by Simulated Annealing
Optimum Multiway Search Trees
Optimum Sequence Trees
Ordered Treemap Layouts
Organizing Tools in a Uniform Environment Framework
Overlapping statistical word indexing: a new indexing method for Japanese text
PAGES: A testbed for groupware applications
PARSEC: A Connectionist Learning Architecture for Parsing Spoken Language
PBD Systems: When will They ever Learn?
PEPYS: Generating Autobiographies by Automatic Tracking
Packrat:過去に閲覧したページの再閲覧を可能にするProxy Server
Pad++: A Zoomable Graphical Sketchpad For Exploring Alternate Interface Physics
Pad++: A Zooming Graphical Interface for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics
Pad: An Alternative Approach to the Computer Interface
Palm {Kana} {Keyboard}
PaperLink: A Technique for Hyperlinking from Real Paper to Electronic Content
Papier-M\^{a}ch\'{e}: Toolkit Support for Tangible Input
Parallel Program Design: A Foundation
Parallel text searching in serial files using a processor farmEfficient search methods for signature files
Parallelism and programming
Parameterized Compression for Sparse Bitmaps
Parsing English with a Link Grammar
Parsing Graphic Function Sequences
Partial Match Retrieval Via the Method of Superimposed Codes
Partial-Match Retrieval Using Indexed Descriptor Files
Participant systems
Partitioned signature files: design issues and performance evaluation
Passage: Physical Transportation of Digital Information in Cooperative Buildings
Patterns of contact and communication in scientific collaboration
Patterns of contact and communication in scientific research collaborations
Patterns of sharing customizable software
Pavlov: Programming By Stimulus-Response Demonstration
Perceptual Intelligence
Perils and pitfalls
Perl書法 -- Perlでパズルを解く
Perl書法 -- Perlで作る{WEB}
Perl書法 -- Perlで作る状態遷移機械
Perl書法 -- Perlで書くプリティプリンタ
Perl書法 -- Perlで書くプリティプリンタ(2)
Perl書法 -- Perlによるデータベースの実現
Perl書法 -- Perlの概要
Perl書法 -- 検索システムの作成
Persistence + Undoability = Transactions
Personalizable groupware: Accomodating individual roles and group differences
Phidgets: Easy development of physical interfaces through physical widgets
Phone Slave: A Graphical Telecommunications Interface
PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser Using Quantum Treemaps and Bubblemaps
Platform and application issues in multi-user hypertext
Pointing The Way: Active Collaborative Filtering
Points, Spheres, and Separators: A Unified Geometric Apporach to Graph Partitioning
Polymorphic Type Assignment and CPS Conversion
Popup Vernier: A Tool for Sub-pixel-pitch Dragging with Smooth Mode Transition
Portable Utilities for Common Lisp User Guide & Implementation Notes
Post-mechanistic groupware primitives: rhythms, boundaries and containers
Power, ease of use, and cooperative work in a practical multimedia message system
Practical Considerations for Lock-Free Concurrent Objects
Precision Imaging and Control for Machine Vision Research at Carnegie Mellon University
Prediction and conversational momentum in an augmentative communication system
Preliminary experiences with a distributed, multi-media,problem environment
Principles of text processing
Principles, Techniques, and Ehtics of Stage Magic and Their Application to Human Interface Design
Probabilistic State Machines: Dialog Management for Inputs with Uncertainty
Probabilistic and Genetic Algorithms for Document Retrieval
Procedural animation blocks in discrete simulation
Proceedings of IFIP WG8.4 Conference on Multi-User Interfaces and Applications (Crete)
Proceedings of the 1986 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Proceedings of the 1988 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Proceedings of the 1990 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Proceedings of the 1st Europeon Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Processing Visual Specifications of File System Security
Programmable browsing semantics in {Trellis}
Programming Computer Games in C
Programming Perl
Programming by Example
Programming by Example: The Human Face of {AI}
Programming the {Display} {PostScript} {System} with {NeXTstep}
Programming with Inductive and Co-Inductive Types
Programming with Intersection Types and Bounded Polymorphism
Programming with Intersection Types, Union Types, and Polymorphism
Project NICK: Meetings augmentation and analysis
Project NICK: Meetings augmentation and analysis
Protocols for group coordination in participant systems
Prototyping: generating ideas or cargo cult designs?
Putting Speech Recognition to Work in the Telephone Network
Pygmalion: A Computer Program to Model and Simulate Creative Thought
QUICK: A User-Interface Design Kit for Non-Programmers
Query Expansion and MEDLINE
Query by Image and Video Content: The {QBIC} System
Quicken Manual(?)
Quikwriting: Continuous Stylus-based Text Entry
Quilt: A Collaborative Tool for Cooperative Writing
Rajicon: A System for Remote PC Access through a Cellular Phone,
Rapport: A multimedia conferencing system
Reactive Environments
Reactive Keyboard (UNIX版) マニュアル
Reading and writing the electronic book.
Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think
Real-World Graphical User Interfaces
Real-world Interaction using the {FieldMouse}
Real-world Interaction using the {FieldMouse}
Real-world Programming
Recognizing Substring of LR(k) Languages in Linear Time
Recommending and Evaluating Choices in a Virtual Community of Use
Reducing Bias and Inefficiency in the Selection Algorithm
Reducing social context cues: Electronic mail in organizational communication
Reflections on Notecards: Seven issues for the next generation of hypermedia systems
Reflexive CSCW: Supporting long-term personal work
Relationships and tasks in scientific research collaborations
Relevance of the X.500 directory to CSCW applications: Directory support for computer based group communication.
Reliable Communication in the Presence of Failures
Remembrance Agent: A continuously running automated information retrieval system
Rendezvous: An architecture for synchronous multi-user applications
Repeat and Predict -- Two Keys to Efficient Text Editing
Repeat and Predict -- Two Keys to Efficient Text Editing
Replicated architectures for shared window systems: A critique
Report on a development project use of an issue-based information system
Report on the collaborative technology developers' workshop
Requirements for an Extensible Object-Oriented Tree/Graph Editor
Requirements of activity management
Retrieval Feedback in MEDLINE
Rooms: the use of multiple virtual workspaces to reduce space contention in a window-based graphical user interface
Rtools: Tools for Software Management in a Distributed Computing Environment
Rtools: Tools for Software Management in a Distributed Computing Environment
S-Tree: A Dynamic balanced signature index for office retrieval
SCISOR: Extracting Information from On-line News
SIBYL: A tool for sharing knowledge in group decision making
SIGIR 1985
SIRI: A Constrained-Object Language for Reactive Program Implementation
SKETCHPAD: A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System
SX: An experiment with using shared windows to support cooperative work
SYNGRAPH: A Graphical User Interface Generator
SYNVIEW: The design of a system for cooperative structuring of information
Salient Stills
Salient Video Stills: Content and Context Preserved
Sampling, Integration, and Computing Volumes
Scientific Visualization - Advances and Challenges
Scope: Automated Generation of Graphical Interfaces
Scroll Browser: 「壁の中」
Scroll Display: Pointing Device for Palmtop Computers
Scwm: An Intelligent Constraint-Enabled Window Manager
Searching the World Wide Web
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Hierarchical Display of Hypertext Structure
Seesoft - A Tool for Visualizing Line-oriented Software Statistics
Self-adjusting binary search trees
Semi-Automatic Image Annotation
Separating User Interface and Functionality Using a Frame Based Data Model
Separating the User Interface from the Functionality of Application Programs
Separating the User Interface from the Functionality of Application Programs
Shape and Motion from Image Streams: a Factorization Method --- Parts 2,8,10
Shape and Motion from Image Streams: a Factorization Method Part3: Detection and Tracking of Point Features
Shape and Motion from Image Streams: a Factorization Method
Shape and Motion from Image Streams:A Factorization Method -2. Point Features in 3D Motion
Shared Memory Parallel Programming with Entry Consistency for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
Shared Text Input for Note Taking on Handheld Devices
Shared hardware: A novel technology for computer support of face to face meetings
Shared-distribution Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition
Sharing views and interactions with single-user applications
Short Encoding of Evolving Structures
Shorthand Writing on Stylus Keyboard
Should We or Shouldn't We Use Spoken Commands in Voice Interfaces?
ShrEdit 1.0: A Shared Editor for the Apple Macintosh, User's Guide and Technical Description
Sight and Sound
Simple-Simon's GesturePad: A puppet for added expressiveness in communication and interaction
Situated Information Spaces and Spatially Aware Palmtop Computers
Sixth graders and shared data: Designing a LAN environment to support collaborative work
Size and Access Inference for Date-parallel Programs institution = "Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science
Sketching a Graph to Query a Time-series Database
Skimming Stories in Real Time: An Experiment in Integrated Understanding
Social Information Filtering: Algorithms for Automating ``Word of Moutn''
Social psychological aspects of computer-mediated communication
Soft Competitive Adaptation: Neural Network Learning Algorithms Based on Fitting Statistical Mixtures
Software Tools
Software Visualization Bibliography
Software Visualization: Programming As a Multimedia Experience
Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing
Some Important Features and Issues in User Interface Management Systems
Some Virtues And Limitations Of Action Inferring Interfaces
Some social and economic consequences of groupware for flight crew
Soundtrack: An Auditory Interface for Blind Users
Space-Scale Diagrams: Understanding Multiscale Interfaces
Sparks of Innovation in Human-Computer Interaction
Special Cinematographic Effects with Virtual Movie Cameras
Special issue on video as a research and design tool
Specifying Composite Illustrations with Communicative Goals
Specifying Objects of Concurrent Systems
Speech and language-based interaction with machines: towards the conversational computer
Speech filing - An office system for principles
Spelling Correction in Systems Programs
Spelling Correction in User Interfaces
Spelling Correction in User Interfaces
Spelling correction based on user error patterns
Spider WEB Manual
Split Menus: Effectively Using Selection Frequency to Organize Menus
Spoken Language Interfaces: The {OM} System
Spoken Language Translation in a Travel Information Domain: Combining voice and Graphic Interaction
Spreadsheets for Images
Squeak: a Language for Communicating with Mice
Squeeze Me, Hold Me, Tile Me! An Exploration of Manipulative User Interfaces
Standardizing the Interface Between Applications And UIMSs
State of the Art in Adaptive User Interface
State of the Art in User Interface Software Tools
State-of-the-Art in Computer Animation
Statecharts: A visual formalism for complex systems
Statemaster: A UIMS based on Statecharts for Prototyping and Target Implementation
Steerable Interfaces for Pervasive Computing Spaces
Steps Toward Life
Stepwise-overlapped parallel annealing and its application to floorplan designs
Storing a Sparse Table
Strategies for Automatically Incorporating Metaphoric Attributes in Interface Designs
Stretch Button Scrollbar
Structural pragmatics: Managing conversations
Structure and support in cooperative environments: The Amsterdam Conversation Environment
Structured Answers for a Large Structured Document Collection
Strudel -- An extensible electronic conversation toolkit
Succinct Static Data Structures
Supporting Concurrency, Communication, and Syncronization in Human-Computer Interaction: The Sassafras UIMS
Supporting adaptive interfaces in a knowledge-based user interface environment
Supporting collaboration in NoteCards
Supporting collaboration with advanced multimedia electronic mail: The NSF EXPRES project
Supporting cooperative work with computers: Addressing meeting mania
Supporting knowledge workers beyond the desktop with Palplates
Supporting the design of office procedures in the DOMINO system
Survey on User Interface Programming
Survey on User Interface Programming
Survey on User Interface Programming
Symbolic Boolean Manipulation with Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
Symbolic Model Checking with Partitioned Transition Relations
Synchronizing Resources
Systems and Programming Issues in the Design and Use of a Simd Linear Array for Image Processing
TREEPRINT: A Program That Draws Parse Trees
Tactical Simulation in an Object-Oriented Animated Graphics Environment
Tailor: Creating Custom User Interfaces Based on Gesture
Talk and Draw: Bundling Speech and Graphics
Talk is Cheap
Talking and Listening to Computers
Talking heads
Tango: a framework and system for algorithm animation
Task Oriented Vision
Task and non-task functions of a computer conference used in professional education: a measure of flexibility
Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
Teach Yourself Game Programming in 21 Days
TeamWorkStation: Towards a Seamless Shared Workspace
TeamWorkStation: Towards an open shared workspace
Technological support for work group collaboration
Technology and groups: Assessments of the empirical research
Teleconferencing as a technology to support cooperative work: Its possibilities and limitations
Telling humans and computers apart automatically
Template-Based Mapping of Application Data to Interactive Displays
Temporal hyperprogramming
Tenuring Policies for Generation-Based Strage Reclamation
Term-weighting approaches in automatic text retrieval
Texinfo 2.15 Manual
Text Compression
Text Formatting By Demonstration
Text entry using soft keyboards
Text-To-Speech Conversion Technology
Text-based Intelligent Systems: Current Research and Practice in Information Retrieval and Extraction
The 'User Illusion' method in multiuser interface design
The 1988 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Trip Report
The Active Badge Location System
The Amigo project: Advanced group communication model for computer-based communications environment
The Architecture of the {Cronus} Distributed Operationg System
The Arizona Analyst Information System: Supporting collaborative research on international technological trends
The Art Of Human-Computer Interface Design
The Assign Parallel Program Generator
The Automatic Recognition of Gestures
The Aware Home: A Living Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing Research
The Blind Watchmaker
The C Programming Language
The CATeam meeting room environment as a human-computer interface
The Capture lab
The Clouds Distributed Operationg System
The Cognitive Coprocessor Architecture for Interactive User Interface
The Coming Age of Calm Technology
The Computer Music Tutorial
The Computer User as Toolsmith
The Computer for the Twenty-first Century
The Constituent Object Parser: Syntactic Structure matching for Information Retrieval
The Continuous Zoom: A Constrained Fisheye Technique for Viewing and Navigating Large Information Spaces
The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
The Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Soft Keyboard
The Design of Interaction
The Design of Phone-Based Interfaces for Consumers
The Diamond Multimedia Editor
The DigitalDesk Calculator: Tangible Manipulation on a Desk Top Display
The EBI Hyperbolic Viewer
The Eden System: A Technical Review
The Effects of Bargaining Orientation and Communication Medium on Negotiations in the Bilateral Monopoly Task: A Comparison of Decision Room and Computer Conferencing Communication Media
The Evolution of Cooperation (邦訳:「つきあい方の科学」(HBJ出版局))
The Evolution of Strategies in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
The Fitaly Keyboard
The Fourth Generation Make
The Fox Project: Advanced Development of Systems Software
The Garnet Toolkit Reference Manuals: Support for Highly-Interactive, Graphical User Interface in Lisp
The Generalized Detail-In-Context Problem
The Golem Go Program
The Groupware project: An overview
The ISIS System Manual
The Implementation of Newsqueak
The Influence of Scale on Distributed File System Design
The Influence of Scale on Distributed File System Design
The Information Lens: An intelligent system for information sharing in organizations
The Information Mural: A Technique for Displaying and Navigating Large Information Spaces
The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The Sanity
The Innovator's Dilemma
The Intelligent Voice-Interactive Interface
The Interactive Graphics and Animation of {GPSS/PC}
The Invisible Computer: Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and Information Appliances Are the Solution
The Limits Of Expert Performance Using Hierarchical Marking Menus
The Locust Swarm: An Environmentally-powered, Networkless Location and Messaging System
The MIAC audiographic conferencing system: A practical implementation of the audiovisual service infrastructure
The MONK's Problems-A Performance Comparison of Different Learning Algorithms
The Metropolis Keyboard - An Exploration of Quantitative Techniques for Virtual Keyboard Design
The Movable Filter as a User Interface Tool
The Multimedia Interface Using ``Paper'': {Ultra} {Magic} {Key}
The NICK experiment reinterpreted: Implications for developers and evaluators of groupware
The Origin of Order
The PalmPilot's Creator Refrects on Good Design
The Panda's Thumb
The Perspective Wall: Detail and Context Smoothly Integrated.
The Portland Experience: A report on a distributed research group
The Programming Language Aspects of ThingLab, A Constraint-Oriented Simulation Laboratory
The Psychology of Everyday Things
The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction
The Rapport multimedia conferencing system--a software overview
The Reactive Keyboard
The Recurrent Cascade-Correlation Architecture
The Role of Another Spatial Dimension in Software Visualization
The Role of Built-in Knowledge in Adaptive Interface Systems
The SPHINX-II Speech Recognition System: An Overview
The Sciences Of The Artificial (システムの科学)
The Semantics of Scheme Control-flow Analysis
The SharedX multi-user interface user's guide, version 2.0
The String-to-String Correction Problem
The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue
The Tyranny of Evaluation
The US West Advanced Technologies TeleCollaboration research project
The US West Advanced Technologies prototype multimedia communication system
The UbicompBrowser
The University of Alberta User Interface Management System
The Use of High-Level 3-D Graphical Types in the Mira Animation System
The Use of Simple Speech Recognisers in Industrial Applications
The Utility of Speech Input in User-Computer Interfaces
The V Distributes System
The VideoWindow system in informal communications
The Visualization Quest: A History of Computer Animation
The World Through Computer:
The World's Fastest Scrabble Program
The ``HyTime'' Hypermedia/Time-based Document Structuring Language
The activity model environment: An object oriented framework for describing organisational communication
The communicative economy of the workgroup: Multi-channel centres of communication
The design and evaluation of a multimedia authoring system
The development of working relationships
The dynamics of small group decision making over the e-mail channel
The impact of CASE tools on teamwork of information systems developers
The integration of distributed knowledge
The interplay of work group structures
The memoirs of two survivors: Or the evaluation of a computer system for cooperative work
The nature of group work
The office design project
The path-transition paradigm: a practical methodology for adding animation to program interfaces
The personal computer finds its missing link
The psychology of cooperation -- Consequences of descriptions, the power of creative dialogues
The road to the global village
The second Guelph symposium on computer conferencing
The society of text: hypertext, hypermedia, and the social construction of information
The technology of team navigation
The temporal structure of cooperative activity
The third Guelph symposium on computer mediated communication
The variable impact of computer technologies on the organization of work activities
The workaday world as a paradigm for CSCW design
The {Chameleon}: Spatially Aware Palmtop Computers
The {Dynamic} {HomeFineder}: Evaluating Dynamic Queries in a Real-Estate Information Exploration System
The {Information} {Visualizer}, an information workspace
The {Media} {Cup}: Awareness Technology Embedded in an Everyday Object
The {PRC} {Format}
The {Reactive} {Keyboard}: A Predictive Typing Aid
The {WEB} system of structured documentation
There is more to Context than Location -- Environment Sensing Technologies for Adaptive Mobile User Interfaces
ThingLab -- A Constraint-Oriented Simulation Laboratory
Thinking ahead: What to expect from teleconferencing
Thins That Make Us Smart
Three-Dimension COmputer Animation
TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Acces
Tilt-Based Automatic Zooming and Scaling in Mobile Devices - A State-Space Implementation
TiltType: Accelerometer-Supported Text Entry for Very Small Devices
Tilting Operations for Small Screen Interfaces
Timbuktu user's guide
Time as Essence for Photo Browsing Through Personal Digital Libraries
Time matters in groups
Time-Machine Computing: A Time-Centric Approach for the Information Environment
Timed Models for Protocol Security
To See or Not To See = Is That the Query?
Tog on Software Design
Tools for Creating User Interfaces: An Introduction and Survey
Tools for Creating User Interfaces: An Introduction and Survey
Tools for Software Configuration Management
Tools help people cooperate only to the extent that they help them share goals and terminology
Topological Composition Systems: Specifications for Lexical Elements of Viual Languages
Toto: A Tool for Selecting Interaction Techniques
Touch-Typing With a Stylus
Toward a Definition of Voice Documents
Towards Task-Level Planning: Action-Based Sensor Design
Towards a Comprehensive User Interface Management System
Towards a Theory of Parallel Algorithms on Concrete Data Structures
Towards a language for defining structure in message-based cooperative work
Towards a national collaboratory
Towards an Assembly Plan from Observation: Fine localization based on face contact constraints
Towards high-performance knowledge workers
Transformation on a Dialog Tree: Rule-Based Mapping of Content to Style
Transforming Conjunctive Match into rete: A Call-graph Caching Approach
Translating Concurent Communicating programs into Asynchronous Circuits
Translating Concurrent Communicating Programs into Asynchronous Circuits
Treemaps: A Space-Filling Approach to the Visualization of Hierarchical Information Structures
Triangles: Tangible Interface for Manipulation and Exploration of Digital Information Topography
Trie Hashing
Trie Memory
Twards an Assembly Plan from Observation: Task recognition with polyhedral objects
Twinkling lights and nested loops: Distributed problem solving and spreadsheet development
Two Access Methods Using Compact Binary Trees
Two approaches to casual interaction over computer and video networks
Typed Output and Programming in the Interface
UIMS Support for Direct Manipulation Interface
UNIX CSHELL フィールドガイド (The UNIX C Shell Field Guide)
UNIX step++ -シェルプログラミングのコツ-
UNIXシステムコール・プログラミング (Advanced UNIX Programming)
UNIXシステム入門 I,II (Introducing the UNIX System)
UNIXツール ガイドブック
UNIXプログラミング環境 (UNIX Programming Environment)
UNIXワークステーション I <基礎技術編>
UbiquitousLinks: 実世界環境に埋め込まれたハイパーメディアリンク
Understanding computers and cognition: A new foundation for design
Uni-Rete: Specializing the Rete Match Algorithm for the Unique-attribute Representation
Unidraw: A Framework for Building Domain-Specific Graphcal Editors
Uniform Document Interactions Using Document Properties
Unintrusive Ways to Integrate Formal Specifications in Practice
Usability Engineering
Use of Trie Structures for Processing FIles
User Control in Cooperative Computer-Aided Design
User Interface Construction Based on Parallel and Sequential Execution Specification
User Interface Management System
User Interface Programming with Cooperative Processes
User Interface Specifacation Based On Parallel And Sequential Execution Specification
User Interface Tools (CHI'94 Tutorial)
User Interfaces and Visualization
User approaches to computer-supported teams
User models: Theory, method, practice
User support: Illustrating computer use in collaborative work contexts
User-Interface Tools: Introduction and Survey
User-based document clustering by redescribing subject descriptions with a genetic algorithm
Using Active Data in a UIMS
Using Active Vision to Simplify Perception
Using Collaborative Filtering to Weave an Information Tapestry
Using Direct Manipulation to Build Algorithm Animations by Demonstration
Using GELO to Visualize Software Systems
Using Make Effectively
Using Pixel Rewrites for Shape-Rich Interaction
Using Syntactic Analysis in a Document Retrieval System That Uses Signature Files
Using Tuple Space Communication in Distributed Object-Oriented Languages
Using a GDSS to facilitate group consensus: Some intended and unintended consequences
Using a Global Name Space for Parallel Execution of UNIX tools
Using a computer based tool to support collaboration: A field experiment
Using small screen space more efficiently
Using syntactic analysis in a document retrieval system that uses signature files
VMTP: A Transport Protocol for the Next Generation of Communication Systems
VUIMS: A Visual User Interface Management System
Variable-depth Trie Index Optimization: Theory and Experimental Results
Vector Quantization
Video conferencing as a technology to support group work: A review of its failures
VideoWhiteboard: Video shadows to support remote collaboration
Viewpoint: Toward a Computer for Visual Thinkers
Viewpoint: Toward a Computer for Visual Thinkers
Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Time
Virtualized Reality: 仮想化された現実
Visible Dispatch: Visibilityに基づくアプリケーション構築法
VisuaLinda: A Framework for Visualizing Parallel Linda Programs
VisuaLinda: 並列言語lindaのプログラムの実行状態の3次元視覚化
Visual Data Mining
Visual Explanations
Visual Information Retrieval
Visual Information Seeking: Tight Coupling of Dynamic Query Filters with Starfield Displays
Visual Languages and Computing Survey: Data Flow Visual Programming Languages
Visual Programming Using Structured Data Flow
Visual Programming and UNIX
Visual Programming, Programming by Example and Program Visualization: A Taxonomy
Visual Representations as Feedback in a Programmable Visual Shell
Visual Tools and Languages: Directions for the '90s
Visual Tools for Information Retrieval
Visual User Interfaces for Information Exploration
Visual languages for cooperation: A performing medium approach to systems for cooperative work
VisualSEEk: A Fullly Automated Content-Based Image Query System
Visualization Methods for Personal Photo Collections: Browsing and Searching in the PhotoFinder
Visualization of Natural Phenomena
Visualizing Complex Hypermedia Networks Through Multiple Hierarchical Views
Visualizing Concurrent Computations
Visualizing Corporate Data
Visualizing Retrieved Information: A Survey
Visualizing the Affective Structure of a Text Document
Visualizing the Non-Visual: Spatial Analysis and Interaction with Information from Text Documents
Voice Communication with Computers
Voice Communication with Computers
Voice Messaging: Enhancing The User Interface Based On Field Performance
Voice as Interface: An Overview
Voice in Computing
Voice in Computing: An Overview of Available Technologies
Voice messaging, coordination, and communication
Voice: Technology Searching for Communication Needs
VoiceNotes: A Speech Interface for a Hand-Held Voice Notetaker
WEBSOM - self-organizing maps of document collections
WYSIWIS Revised: Early Experiences with Multiuser Interfaces
WYSIWIS revised: Early experiences with multiuser interfaces
Wan2tlk?: Everyday Text Messaging
Watch What I Do - reviewed by Ruven Brooks
Watch What I Do -- Programming by Demonstration
Weaving a Language-Independent {WEB}
Weaving a program: {Literate} {Programming} in {WEB}
Web-Based Integration of Printed and Digital Information
WebGlimpse - Combining Browsing and Searching
WebStickers: Using Physical Tokens to Access, Manage and Share Bookmarks to the Web
Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary: A Computer-Readable File Format
Welcome to Cocoa -- Internet Authoring For Kids
What good are semistructured objects? Adding semiformal structure to hypertext
What is Coordination Theory and how can it help design cooperative work systems?
What is Coordination Theory?
Where the action is
Who's in charge here? Cooperative work and authority negotiation in police helicopter missions
Why CSCW applications fail: Problems in the adoption of interdependent work tools
Why CSCW applications fail: Problems in the design and evaluation of organizational interfaces
Why are Human-Computer Interfaces Difficult to Design and Implement?
Why groupware applications fail: Problems in design and evaluation
Why is Synthetic Speech Harder to Remember than Natural Speech?
Windows on the world: 2D windows for 3D augmented reality
Word Sense Disambiguation Using Machine-Readable Dictionaries
Work group structure and information technology: A structural contingency approach
Work group structures and computer support: A field experment
Working in harmony: An examination of computer technology in air traffic control
Working together
Working with Audio: Integrating Personal Tape Recorders and Desktop Computers
Worlds within Worlds: Metaphors for Exploring n-Dimensional Virtual Worlds
Xsketch: A multi-user sketching tool for X11
Your Wish is My Command -- Programming by Example
Zero bandwidth video
Zeus: A System for Algorithm Animation and Multi-View Editing
Zoomology: ComparingTwo Large Hierarchical Trees
Zモニタ -- ユーザの能動性を支援するインタフェース環境
``Finding and Reminding'' Reconsidered
gIBIS: A hypertext tool for exploratory policy discussion
iモード神話と真実 - 大人が知らないネット・コミュニティの実像
qwikWeb: メーリングリストとWikiを統合したコミュニケーション・システム
rIBIS: A real-time group hypertext system
y do tngrs luv 2 txt msg?
{AlphaSlider}: A Compact and Rapid Selector
{AlphaSlider}: Searching Textual Lists with Sliders
{CAM}を用いた機能メモリ型並列プロセッサ上での 並列アルゴリズム
{ChemTrains}: A Language for Creating Behaving Pictures
{Cone} {Trees}: Animated {3D} Visualizations of Hierarchical Information
{DistEdit}: A distributed toolkit for supporting multiple group editors
{FRIEND21} Project: A Construction of 21st Century Human Interface
{Fractal} {Views}: A Fractal-based method for Controlling Information Display
{GLIMPSE}: A Tool to Search Through Entire File Systems
{IVEE}: An Information Visualization and Exploration Environments
{IconStickers}: Converting Computer Icons into Real Paper Icons
{InfoBinder}: Apointing Device for Virtual Desktop System
{KIDSIM}: End User Programming of Simulations
{KIDSIM}: Programming Agents Without a Programming Language
{KMS}: A Distributed Hypermedia System for Managing Knowledge in Organizations
{LIZA}: An extensible groupware toolkit
{LensBar} - Visualization for Browsing and Filtering Large Lists of Data
{MEMO-PEN}: A New Input Device
{NoteCards} in a nutshell
{PATRICIA} -- Practical Algorithm To Retrieve Information Coded in Alphanumeric
{POBox}: An Efficient Text Input Method for Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
{POBox}: An Efficient Text Input Method for Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
{PX}: Supporting Voice in Workstations
{Pick-and-Drop} - 複数コンピュータ環境でのユーザインタフェース
{Pick-and-Drop}: A Direct Manipulation Technique for Multiple Computer Environments
{RCS} -- A system for version control
{SemNet}: Three-dimensional graphic representation of large knowledge bases
{T-Cube}: A Fast, Self-Disclosing Pen-Based Alphabet
{TELS}: Learning Text Editing Tasks from Examples
{TEXTNET}: A network-based approach to text handling
{TRIGGERS}: Guiding Automation with Pixels to Achieve Data Access
{Tangible Bits}: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms
{The} {Table} {Lens}: Merging Graphical and Symbolic Representations in an Interactive Focus + Context Visualization for Tabular Information
{TimeSlider}: An Interface to Specify Time Point
{VLSI} Cell Placement Techniques
{VPL}: An Active, Declarative Visual Programming System
{Value} {Bars}: An Information Visualization and Navigation Tool for Multi-attribute Listings
{WEB} Adapted to {C}: Another Approach
{WEST}: A Web Browser for Small Terminals
{WING}: A Multiple-view Smooth Information Retrieval System
{i-LAND}: An interactive Landscape for Creativitiy and Innovation
{mediaBlocks}: Physical Containers, Transports, and Controls for Online Media
お金持ちになれる黄金の羽根の拾い方 ― 知的人生設計入門
たのしいUNIX -UNIXへの招待-
どう書くか - 理科系のための論文作法
なめらかなユーザインタフェースによる 地図情報検索システム
なめらかなユーザインタフェースによる 地図情報検索システム
もうひとつの{Palm}レビュー: {SPT1500} -- バーコードスキャナ付き{PalmIII}
アクティブマニュアルデータベース{Hydra-II}(2) -- マルチメディア機構とアクティブ機能-
アフォーダンス - 新しい認知の理論
オーダエントリシステムにおける音声入力方式と ユーザインタフェースの評価
オフィスワークステーションの開発 - ハードウエアとウィンドウ管理
カオス -古典および量子力学系-
キーボード談議(5) -- 怒りの構図
ズーミング技術を用いた 対話的情報検索インタフェース
ダイナミックプレゼンテーションシステム D-View(1) --概要--
ティッピングポイント - いかにして「小さな変化」が「大きな変化」を生み出すか
テンキーによる日本語入力 --2タッチ50音配列を実現--
ハイパーテキストデータベースシステム{TextLink/Gem}における オブジェクトとスキーマの動的.段階的
ハイパーメディアデータモデルに関する一考察 -- ハイパーメディアは人間の知的活動支援の道
ハイパーメディアプレゼンテーションシステム 「マルチメディア演劇博物館」の開発
ビジュアルからマルチモダルに: 次世代ユーザインタフェース技術
ビジュアルインタフェース -- ポストGUIを目指して
ビットマップ計算 -- 賢いペンと普通の紙
ビル・ゲイツの面接試験 - 富士山をどう動かしますか?
ピーター・フランクルの らくらく数学パズル塾
プリミティブ分解による多様な検索条件を扱いうる カラー画像検索
プレイバック機能を持つビジュアルエージェント -- Demo Companion --
ポストGUI: 今後の展望
マルチメディアシナリオ記述のための データモデルとオーサリング環境について
メディア・コントロール - 正義なき民主主義と国際社会
ユーザ情報を積極的に蓄積・利用する{HI}アーキテクチャー --エージェンシーモデル--
位置指向の情報統合 〜モーバイルインフォサーチ2実験〜
遺伝的要素を取り入れた改良型アニーリング法によるブロッ ク配置手法
音声・画像インターフェースを持つ翻訳システムにおける、 コンテキストの適用
音声合成器によるマルチメディアインターフェイス用 Voice Serverの検討
音声自由対話システムTOSBURG II -- マルチモーダル 応答と音声応答キャンセルの利用
画像の位置情報による本人認証方式の研究開発 画像パスワードGATESCENE (ゲートシーン)
会社にいながら年収3000万を実現する - 「10万円起業」で金持ちになる方法
界面駭客日記 - 写真整理地獄
界面駭客日記(21) - 写真整理地獄
拡張デスクトップ環境における 実空間アイコンの記述方法について
逆風野郎 ダイソン成功物語
型/ビュースキーマに基づく概念オブジェクトを導入した ハイパーテキストデータベースモデル
見えログ: 情報視覚化を用いた ログ情報調査支援システム
考える力をつけるための「読む」技術 - 情報の解読と解釈
国語力が子どもを伸ばす - 奇跡の英才教育「言語強化学習法」のすべて
仕事のなかの曖昧な不安 - 揺れる若年の現在
私のブックマーク -- ヒューマンインタフェース編
視覚のトリック - だまし絵が語る「見る」しくみ
視覚的ソフト開発環境vie(2) アニメーションマニュアル概要
自由発話音声入力と直指(直接指示)を利用した マルチモーダル対話システムの検討
書斎の造りかた - 知のための空間・時間・道具
場と一体化したプロセスの概念に基づく並列協調処理モデル {Cellula}
状況に埋め込まれた学習 - 正統的周辺参加 (Situated Learning)
進化論は計算しないとわからない - 人工生命白書
人はなぜコンピューターを人間として扱うか - 「メディアの等式」の心理学 (The Media Equation: How people treat computers, television, and new media like real people and places)
人工生命と情報処理(4) -- 品種改良で{CG}画像を作る模擬育種システム
図説 インフォメーショングラフィックス -- 情報をデザインするための法則と事例
生命の不思議, 宇宙の謎
続キーボード談議(6) -- ペンは鍵より強いか?
抽象的データと絵データ間の双方向変換に関する 一般的枠組
電脳生物たち -- 超AIによる文明の乗っ取り (Mind Children)
透明人間: 実空間と仮想空間を統合する コンピューティング環境
発想する会社! - 世界最高のデザイン・ファーム IDEOに学ぶイノベーションの技法
秘伝 中学入試国語読解法
標準UNIXハンドブック (Using the UNIX System)
分散オペレーティングシステム -- UNIXの次にくるもの
文字だ! 検索
別冊日経サイエンス SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 日本版 コンピュータネットワーク
本とハイパーテキストの複合メディア: {OpenBook}
本とハイパーテキストを融合したユ-ザ-指向メディア: {Open Book}(1)-グル-プ内での情報
用語解説: パトリシアツリー(Patricia Tree)
歴史系テキストデータへのリバ-スエンジニアリング応用の 基礎的研究